Main indexes 2 hour trends are sideways or down.

Yesterdays tops hit strong R points and all indexes are trading sideways below those tops. DOW and SP500 2 hour trends 8 MA is turning sideways and can turn down in a few hours. The R points might hold. Follow the hourly trends now for positions.

GOLD in Euro has taken a new daily low at 1.334. The all time high was 1.386. The target could be 1.317.

The EURO has tested its 5 month high early this morning at 1.3171 but has fallen back, now at 1.3098.

All markets are behaving very nervously and the trading is still in the 6 weeks sideways trends. A break out of this trend is what the big traders are waiting for. As I have mentioned before, this trend can technically go on for another 2 weeks.

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