GOLD big picture now.

GOLD month since 2002.

GOLD 22 months. April new month and new bar. The 8 MA will start to turn down. Only a rally above 1.692 during April - which holds can stop this. A cross on downside might come now or in May.That cross will be the stoppage point for all rallies as I see it now.

GOLD week Friday Close.

GOLD week Friday Close. Gold has fallen in five waves ans is still trying to fortify its bottom. Weekly trend is down and a renewed test of the bottom could come.

GOLD day Friday Close.

EURO. The big picture 1971 - March 2013 and forecast. WATCH UP.

EURO monthly since 1971. The five waves uptrend was completed at the top March 2008 at 1.5787.

EURO month since 2000. A three wave correction and then a,b,c waves and the Euro now seems to want to test b bottom again and here the monthly trend seems real dangerous when the 8 and 21 month MA:s are added.

EURO month from 2005. The 21 MA is falling sharply and I think the 8 MA will not make a cross but turn down before. If that happens a test of point b will occur and most likely break that point which will make the Euro fall steeply. This will not happen over night but now it is time to plan for this possibility.

EURO 22 months March 2013 close. On April one there will start a new bar and the pressure down from 21 MA will get stronger and the 8 MA will move up just a little bit.

EURO week March 2013 close.The cross will deepen from Monday April 1.

EURO day March close.

After Cyprus, euro zone will slip into depression. Marketwatch.com article which is supporting my longterm technical forecast for EURO.


Read this story and watch the big charts about the EURO in this blog today.


DAX big pictures March 2013 Close

DAX month from 1995

DAX month from 1995, 18 years

DAX week 2009 bull market

DAX week 2009 bull market

DAX day 2011 bull market

DAX day 2013 last wave

DOW big pictures March 2013 Close

DOW month 14 years

DOW month 2009 bull market

DOW week 2009 bull market

DOW week 2009 bull market

DOW day 2009 bull market

DOW day November 2012 bull market  or the last leg of the 2009 bull market. With five complete waves and now an eventual three wave extension from here.


SP500. Will the media get its will. A daily close at 1.565.15 or higher. This will eventually be an all time high daily close.

DOW 15 min 20:03

SP500. Comparing 2007 years whole top with 2012-13

SP500 week 2007 whole top formation. Look carefully at all MA:s from the beginning. YOU will learn a lot.

SP500 2012 - 2013.

SP500 weekly top 2007 to compare to now

SP500 week top formation 2007 Watch the MA:s closely and compare. Could nearly be the same this time.

SP500 week now. The 5 MA must turn sideways or down to turn a weekly trend most often. MY tip is there might come a turn week April 8.

SP500 2007 daily top formation compared with current

SP500 daily top formation 18:27 with current price now

SP500 daily top formation now

DOW, unexpected bad news in US get a sell off.

DOW 2 hr 13:57

EURO takes new daily high

EURO 2 hr 12:53

DOW 30 min my retest R line

DOW 30 min 12:19

DOW 30 min now

DOW 30 min 12:13

DOW 5 min in strong uptrend

DOW 5 min 12:09

DOW 1 hr got buy signal by cross. Now test of highs seems most likely

DOW 1 hr 12:04

DOW rallies to new daily high.

DOW 1 hr 11:58

GOLD in EURO day and 2 hr charts now

GOLD EURO 2 hr 11:51

GOLD EURO day 11:51

GOLD is slowly falling

GOLD 2 hr 11:37

SWED is taking new daily highs crossing the 8 day MA

SWED day 11:27

SWED 2 hr 11:28

DAX 2 hr 8 MA is turning up after Cyprus banks open

DAX 2 hr 11:10

IBEX takes new monthly low and seems open for new bear market at present

IBEX month 10:28

US will get lots of economic news from 13:30 that can affect the indexes. In Europe some stock markets will close earlier on Easter holidays.

DOW 2 hr 8 MA down and 21 MA might turn down at 11:00

DOW 2 hr 10:14

DOW 1 hr spike as well

DOW 1 hr 10:10

DAX 1 hr rally only short covering. Close came in at bottom, a spike. Could be the big players wanted to get short positions at the top

DAX 1 hr 10:04

DAX 15 min

DAX 15 min 09:56 below 55 MA with falling 200 MA

IBEX day trend down

IBEX day 09:48

DOW 5 min 8 MA turns down

DOW 5 min 09:44