DOW long term trend from now.It is now up to August month to test the top but after a Key Reversal there usually is a stop at 61.8 per cent of the bar. The wedge break use to be the end of bull markets. I hereby declare Dow to be in bear market.

Monthly Key Reversal

The weekly trends break out of the wedge.

The DOW monthly close ended as Key Reversal as well. The opening of the bar was higher than June's close. Then a new high and close below June's lowest point. This must be the end of the bull market since 2009. The high has now been seen at 17.150.2

DOW closed at today's low 16.567.9. The prognosis this morning was correct. The break out of a wedge will cause a very steep drop.

5 min


The weekly wedge at close

SP500 2 hr 20:08. The falling 8 MA is below critical 955 and 50 MA has crossed the falling 200 MA. This is probably the end of the uptrend

2 hr 20:07

NAS day 19:59

SP500 high has now probably been seen

Day 19:56

DAX day will close below support channel and the high has likely been seen

Day 19:47

FTSE month triangle is still holding 19:41

DOW week 19:32. The bull market is over

Break out of a weekly wedge is the end of this long uptrend

EURO day is still below 1.3400 and I think the Euro is in for a big fall.


The down trend will continue unless the Dow closes above 16.962.

SP500 2 hr 14:13. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT SITUATION UNTIL CLOSE TONIGHT. If the index manages to hold above 955 is of less importance. If the falling 50 MA crosses the falling 200 MA then that must be changed. I know what the US computers can do and a rally on upside is what many big traders are waiting for to get short.

DOW day 13:39. This is a very serious situation long term. The DOW daily chart has now got a cross on downside. Meaning: Unless the DOW closes above yesterdays close this cross will develop and I believe right now that this is the very beginning of a correction and later a bear market. Sell at the cross is what I am going to do if a US rally comes.

IMPORTANT WARNING. There is a strong possibility that we are now witnessing the very beginning of a long bear market. After close tonight I will tell. Read blogs below


Dax day 13:05. Support channel broken for the second day

DAX day breaks support channel. 12:59

FTSE top triangle monthly with a wedge that can break any day. 12:17

DOW wedge is clear. When a wedge is broken in a weekly chart a long term bear market can start. At close tonight I will know

DOW Wedge as it looks. If correct a big drop can come

Month 11:24

DOW 11:18


2 hr. See SP500 below comment

SP500 month 11:04. Monthly close comes today. If the close comes at the bottom there is a big chance that the high has been seen


SP500 2 hr breaks 955

Target on 2 hr close 955 is reached.

SWED 15 min 10:47. Very strong down trend

15 min

2 hr

SP500 2 hr 10:21

Main target is to cross and hold 955.

SP500 2 hr 10:00. A new bar after 10:00 close is below trend channel

SP500 2 hr 09:49. Index is falling right now.

2 hr.The falling 50 MA is close to cross the falling 200 MA in a few hours. That is a sign of weakness. The only thing that is disturbing is that the 100 MA is above the 200

SWED 2 hr 09:42. Trend is down and there are two gaps to be closed and now a new low for the day. The 100 MA is below the 200 and is falling without crossing on upside. Could be a sign of a big movement on down side soon.

2 hr

SWED 2 hr 09:26

SWED is close to break on downside now

SWED 09:07


2 hr

1 hr

DOW day 08:59. The DOW is the weakest of US indexes. Has now got a cross on downside between 8 and 21 MA and both are currently down. Only a very strong rally can change the DOW's down trend.


SP500 day 08:44. 8 and 21 MA is down but a cross is needed to lock the down trend. Today SP500 must close at 982.to go sideways and on Friday and Monday the close must take new all time high above 987 to continue the up trend


DAX day 08:35. The 50 MA is now down and 200 MA is up. I expect the price to move between these two MA. This means the high has been seen. At present the daily trend is down on the falling 8 and 21 MA.


News that can move the markets. Thursday 14:30 Jobless Claims. Friday 14:30 Employment situation.

DAX 08:05

Day long


2 hr

10 year note, EURO and GOLD daily 07:40

10 year note



FTSE 07:35


2 hr

SP500 07:29


2 hr