WATCH UP. SP500 and DOW broke the last 15 trading minutes on Friday down to 1.630 and 15.125 breaking important S line. Technically next week the SP500 target is 1.594 unless the late breaks can be retested and held above the breaking lines. No other indexes were involved. Break lines in the 2 hr chart are from intra days tops and bottoms

SP500 day May close

SP500 2 hr May close

SWED has closed for May 2013. Here is month, week and day for the close

SWED Month



DAX 2 hr now

DAX 2 hr 18:53

DAX 2 hr 19:10 (added now)

SP500 2 hr no clear direction

SP500 2 hr 18:47

FTSE is close to take a new daily low.

FTSE day 18:35

FTSE 2 hr 18:35
FTSE 15 min 18:39

SP500 5 min chart

SP500 5 min 11:58

NEWS today that can move markets 14:30, 15:45 and especially 15:55 Consumer sentiment, which has been higher and higher for a long time.

SP500 trend has now hit the bottom channel. Here will lots of smaller support lines start that might delay or stop further drops.

SP500 1 hr 11:41

SWED daily chart looks very bearish to me and I think we are in for a drop to 1.182 area

SWED day dot 11:24

SWED day bar 11:24

SP500 2 hr new low

SP500 2 hr 10:28

10 yr notes has been moving sideways since opening. Here day and 2 hr diagrams now

10 yr day 10:25

10 yr 2 hr 10:25

SWED day and 2 hr now

SWED day 10:10

SWED 2 hr 10:10

DAX 15 min now

DAX 15 min 10:07

FTSE 15 min now

FTSE 15 min 10:05

FTSE 2 hr 10:00 close just above important R at 605:50 but the trend is still falling

FTSE 2 hr 10:03

FTSE 2 hr sudden drop. See yesterdays blogs for implications on break on downside

FTSE 2 hr 09:55

DAX 15 min now. All indexes has fallen at the same time

DAX 15 min 09:50

SP500 5 min chart now

SP500 5 min 09:47

SP500 made a sudden drop through the 21 MA closing in on triangle bottom and is still falling. Now at 1.644.86

SP500 2 hr 09:43

DOW big picture month and week, bar and line to see the importance of the close the last day of the month and week. The weekly chart might get a close at the same point as the highest close so far, second to the left. If that happens a double top has been created which in a weekly chart is a strong sign for next weeks close to be lower than the three at the top.

DOW month bar May 31, 09:20

DOW month line May 31, 09:20

DOW week bar May 31, 09:20

DOW week line May 31, 09:20

EURO or EURUSD (euro aginst dollar) has rallied strongly since the uptrend for US bond yields started. Now holding at the top. This currency combination has more than 80 % of all currency pairs market shares and is trading 24 hours during the weeks The turnaround is the biggest in the world. Second is bonds and far below the combined stock markets.. It opens early Sunday evening. This is a perfect barometer for the world markets.

EURO day 08:55

EURO 2 hr 08:55

DAX is currently locked between the rising 8 MA and the falling 21 MA on 2 hr chart

DAX day 08:42

DAX 2 hr 08:42

FTSE day still holding around the rising 21 MA for the third day. Downside more likely than upside but so far calm movements

FTSE day 08:35

FTSE 2 hr 08:35

SP500 2 hr 8 MA has turned down taken the price to US close currently but the slightly rising 21 MA could give support if the sideways trend changes to down

SP500 2 hr 08:27

GOLD's bottom gets even stronger while silver is holding sideways around 22 dollar/oz

GOLD day 07:41

SILVER day 07:41

SP500 has moved sideways in Asia like most of the indexes including the Asian's

SP500 2 hr 07:35