DAX day could have reached its high early this morning but there is no verified sell signal

DAX day 12:17

SP500 2 hr 8 MA has turned down probably giving resistance now

SP500 2 hr 12:03

SP500 2 hr MA will turn down in 3 minutes

SP500 2 hr 11:56

SP500 might get the hourly trends down but remember that there is a very strong cross on upside, a buysignal on this daily chart and I do not expect any drop to get below 1.578. This is probably why the index is holding up so well. There could be several days or longer before the rising 8 MA starts to slacken.

SP500 day 10:45

SP500, DOW, DAX and SWED 2 hr now. This is the trading chart now." Buy in November and sell in May and go Away" an American expression.

SP500 2 hr 09:46

DOW 2 hr 09:46

DAX 2 hr 09:46

SWED 2 hr 9:46

SP500, DOW, DAX and SWED day now. They might go together to new highs or all stop short of the top

SP500 day 09:29

DOW day 09:29

DAX day 09:29

SWED day 09:29

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How far does a trend go?. I have written that today in my second blog. Reading this will give you a lot. It is about my own theory, Olle Ahlmark Theory

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SP500 day closed in the middle of Friday's bar. 2 hr and 15 min does not give an answer to where the market will go at opening Monday.




2 hr

15 min

DAX rally last week seems like short covering up to Fib 61,8 so far. Day seems to loose steam. 2 and 1 hr shows double top. 15 and 5 min says the trend is already down



2 hr

1 hr

15 min

5 min

SWED closed the week just above Fib 61.8 in a double top. The three waves from the bottom was only short covering in my opinion so far. Beginning of week April 29 will show if that short covering is over or not. Be prepared to short this top because the main trend is down.. SEE DAX ABOVE since it closes 4 hours later and use to trade like SWED. Especially 15 and 5 minutes charts

Swed day Friday close. See double top.

SWED 2 hr. Watch this diagram closely. here you see all the R and S points for the trend. Click and study carefully. So far it looks like a correction in three waves only but we will probably know next week.

SWED 1 hr. It looks a little bit difficult to rush above the top

SWED 15 min. Do not seems to have the base for a rally above top which is a main long term double top but we have to wait and see.

SWED 5 min. Trend is up. SWED closed Friday at 17:30. DAX traded until 22:00. See what happened to Dax after SWED's close in chart above.

SWED day bar. The 8 MA has just turned up and the trend is above the falling 34 MA. Technically this is very much overdone on upside and a re treatment must come soon this chart tells me


Learn how to watch curves also in my second blog.


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We are at the all time high and the top is probably in. The next days or weeks will be of crucial importance for the world economy when the world stock markets start falling. This is the biggest opportunity in your life to short the markets and you must do it safely with only say four percent of your account because you can be wrong several times and you need to find another top. Only short tops or you will be stopped out.Then hold that position as a long term investment for the next several years. Do never touch it. Do not put any limits or stops on your position because you will be stopped out by robots in short covering. Trust the big trend. You must short the market on a top that you can afford to hold. I took this chance to sell SP500 at 1.591 and hope that this top never will be seen again. I will only close that short position when the bear market is at its bottom in let say three years. This is because the difficulty to take a new short position. Major rallies during the coming months or years you should forget about as long as your position is not threaten. There is nothing regarding your position called profit taking before the big trends very bottom. Do not even think of touching your position. You have shortened the all time high and your position is hopefully in the money. Then you will not touch the buy button for years to come. See my short position which is real as an example on what I mean. I now keep my thumbs that this trial was the final. You can see my short position at the line in the daily chart below.

SP500 week

DOW day

CHANGE IN BLOG FROM NOW . FOLLOW THE TRENDS IN PICTURE SERIES YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE AND LEARN WHERE THE MARKETS WILL GO WITH YOUR OWN BRAIN. The blog will from now show these series charts with only important comments. Look and watch for your self in this order from macro to micro and you will feel where we are heading. First out is the Dow from 16 years to 1 minute. Let start the Zooming.

Month since 1997

Week since 2010

Day from March 1

2 hr from March 2

1 hr from April 19

30 min from April 23

15 min

5 min

1 min

1 min

Growth falls short of forecast in the U.S. Will get worse.

(Reuters) - The economy regained speed in the first quarter, but not as much as expected, heightening fears it could struggle to cope with deep government spending cuts and higher taxes.
Gross domestic product expanded at a 2.5 percent annual rate, the Commerce Department said on Friday, after growth nearly stalled in the fourth quarter. Economists had expected a 3.0 percent growth pace.