Gold, Silver, Oil, Santander and EURO

Gold is holding within its 12 month triangle with no sign of break out up or down, Currently at 1.629.
Silver at 28.80, very small movements the last two months. No sign here of breaking out of long term triangle either.
Nymex Oil futures at 83.00 now. 13 days sideways. No sign of breaking further down yet.
Santander, Europe's biggest bank, situated in Spain, at 4.70. Has not taken new lows for 15 days. Moving slowly sideways. No sign of further immediate decline.

EURO's daily trend is still up but has lost momentum. It has tried several times to take back very very strong daily closing R point at 1.2666.4 without success.

Want to show you a long  chart of EUR/USD from 1985 until today. 1972 low was 0.58 and  2008 all time high was 1.5787. I think the 2008 top was the final top of a five wave move. During 4 years it has been pressure to push the Euro down substantially without success. We are now working up and down 1.26 level as I said above. Should the Euro break the low since 2008 there might be a very sharp drop. That will probably start a world economic catastrophic. We are not yet there but not far away either. That is why I think it is very important to follow the Euro know.

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