DOW might take a new 4 year high week 6 Feb.

DOW closed Friday at 12.861.1 just shy of 2011 intraday high at 12.923. Monday Feb 6 will show if the current uptrend is still in place for a new 4 year high. I think DOW might be able to take 13.000 but not to hold it long.

Greece will come in focus again as you can read in the article below.

SP500 closed 1.344.47, a new 7month closing high and I believe it will follow every move of the DOW now.

Europe main indexes which started the bull run Friday closed at new highs. DAX has now risen 37 % since last September.

The good employment news in the U.S. might go away week Feb 6 and the worse case scenario is that Greece cannot make it.

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