Break on upside likely for five indexes Wednesday to Friday

Dow, Sp500, FTSE, SWED and DAX are loading for an upside break which can come Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and next Monday. Here are the buy orders I would use:

Dow: Buy 11.322 or better Wednesday, 11.376 Thursday and 11.420 Friday.
SP500:        1194                                       1199                           1204
FTSE          5302                                       5317                           5334
SWED          901                                         906                              912
DAX          5425                                        5462                            5500

I never use stop orders. In this case I do not use limit order.

I will use 8 percent of my deposit for stockmarkets. I will follow the market 24 hours and look for a sudden drop to get in cheaper and the 5 minute trend when it comes o downside.

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