My own view. Below are the big charts for SP500, SWED and NAS.

All indexes have the same pattern. Asia looks the same. It is enough to follow one index. Here are the ones I believe will show the way. My view is that the indices can go higher but sideways to down is most likely. SP500 2.193 high will not be attacked  unless 2.189 is closed above. If this becomes too difficult the main target is 2.155. In that case the trends can turn on downside if broken.

SP500 is very overbought and a correction down 700 points to 1.500 is possible. The world economy is moving sideways to down. The most important reason is there is too much debt everywhere. The US national debt is 18 billions and the pain accelerates at 21 billions and might cause the great depression to start. The downtrend can start soon or this depression can start latest 2.019. There is not much to invest in now. The trend is fundamentally already down. All markets are searching for a safe havens whether it is commodities, currencies, bonds or stocks. My advice is to hold Swedish kronor on internet account. A triple AAA economy.

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