Take a close look at the monthly and weekly long charts below.

The monthly charts have all got 8 and 21 months moving averages. The simplest way to see a big trend change is to look for a coming cross on up or downside. Now only FTSE has got a cross which means this index long term trend is now down. Most of the other indexes have the blue 8 MA down but no cross yet but a coming cross on downside is a strong possibility for all but NAS.

Look at the whole trend of each index and see what use to happen when a monthly cross on downside occurs.

The weekly line charts are used just for counting the waves and compare the indices to each other. Because they all go together with FTSE and SWED first in main trend changes.

The daily and 2 hr charts shows the first signs of trend change. The daily trend only need to change the direction of 8 MA but the 2 hr need a cross.

I have tried all new measurements since 1983 and but they do not help me.

The most important thing with moving averages is that you can see where the 8 and 21 MA are heading after close whatever chart or time frame you use. How you do this I will tell you another day because it is a bit difficult to explain easily.

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