All things considered

All indexes look the same with daily trends up. Today is week end and month end. There is a possibility that all indexes can make a sudden strong drop today or next week - so be prepared. EURO is under way to test the lows. A break to a new low is dangerous for a big drop. If that happens I expect the European indexes to take new highs. US 10 year notes yield trend is up but locked between 8 and 21 MA.

Oil is sideways and gold is holding 1.200 waiting for what will happen to the Euro. Ukraine is calm and Greece will not be a problem until June. Janet Yellen has said interest rates will be on hold and probably no change until June. All the fundamentals taken together makes the daily trends move slowly with short daily ranges. Here is the danger. They can easily drop on downside from now, on smaller news. That is to start a down trend suddenly. 

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