SP500 month, week, day, 2 hr and 5 min at Friday Oct 25 close.The close is an all time high above important resistance 755 at 759. If 755 holds, after an eventual retest, the next target is 789. The 755 was cleared definitely less than one hour before close in the US but it also ended as a double top with the intra day high. If you study the charts below carefully you will get a good overview of the technical situation. Monday will be of extreme importance from the start of trading at 00:00.

Month. Very strong uptrend

Week. Strong uptrend

Day. Trend is up but a double top so far

2 hr. Double top but 8 and 21 MA are very close and both is up which is a very strong sign.

5 min. Shows that 755 was definitely cleared 30 min from close. It is a five wave perfect uptrend from 17:00 with an explosive fifth wave - which can be the end of this short trend.

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