The two day uptrend finally has run into strong selling pressure

SP500 did early this morning test the crucial old resistance point 1.200.00 but were stopped just below at 1.199.64. The 2 hr chart uptrend is still in place and more tests could come during the day but the uptrend has lost its steam and and a down turn could also start. Now at 1.190. 34. It feels like the top has been seen.
A break above 1.200 would make the gap at 1.214.72 the target.

The Euro has topped at 1.3398 by the 8 day MA and is currently trading sideways. The very important  resistance point at 1.3384 must hold Wednesday close to keep the long downtrend in place. Now trading 1.3329. The 2 hr uptrend is still in place but right now the trend is sideways. I feel the Euro will close the month below 1.3384.

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