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The world big indices are moving against 2015 tops for the US and Asia. The dollar against euro will break on up or downside very strongly, the oil is hoovering above a crucial low of 34, and gold is moving sideways. Consumer spending is less than 2015. Bank of England does not know what will happen with the economy. The pound is strong but orders are poor for companies.

The whole world is in my view in a sort of coma and need TIME to move from here. A lot of thinking is going on in China and the US which both tell the markets to go. Syria, France terrible situations has lost main decision on the stock markets.

Technically the US indices are much stronger than Europes. But it all comes down to the euro against the dollar. This is the chart most analysts in the world follow. A powerful break below 1.00 is in the cards  and is crucial for all markets.

Now all news from the US is what counts. If the SP500 takes and hold 2134 a new fifth wave will start on upside bringing all indices in the same direction. The European indices are far below earlier highs, especially FTSE and SWED.

If the sideways trends continue two weeks from now there will be a strong trend starter Jan 04 when markets open. Hope to be able to tell you my view from now.

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